SCOTUS Goes Religious, Virus Deaths Spike

The David Pakman Show - July 9, 2020

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SCOTUS Clears Way for Trump Tax Returns, Trump LOSES IT

In a much awaited decision, the Supreme Court today ruled that Donald Trump cannot ignore a subpoena of his financial records sought by New York prosecutors. This is a big legal defeat for Donald Trump. At the same time, his lawyer is calling it a victory because now they can fight this out at a lower court. Trump predictably has been going insane about the decision on Twitter, complaining that “Courts in the past have given ‘broad deference’. BUT NOT ME!”

While the court has ruled that Trump is not immune from investigation as president, the important thing is that this specific case will continue on in a lower court. The Supreme Court also ruled that Trump does not have to be compelled to provide his financial records to Congress. So while this isn’t exactly a win for Trump, it’s not a decisive loss either. The main takeaway now is that Trump’s tax returns will probably not be unveiled before Election Day.

Americans Are Now the Disease-Carrying Foreigners

For years, Trump and Republicans have been warning about foreigners infiltrating the United States and bringing over diseases. Now because of the US’s failed coronavirus response, it is Americans who are excluded from travel to other countries on that very basis. While many countries that were affected early on by the virus have gotten it under control, the United States continues to set records for daily new coronavirus cases. If America had a more coordinated response, with more testing and better communication about masks and social distancing, maybe we would be allowed to travel internationally by now.

This is of course horrifying and embarrassing, but I can’t blame other countries for doing this. Coronavirus has shown how extraordinarily unprepared and broken our leadership is. There is no appetite for another lockdown even though that may be what is called for in some areas. Many Americans are unwilling to wear masks and they reject scientific findings about the virus. The US cannot learn from its mistakes and the result will be restrictions on international travel for the foreseeable future.

From yesterday’s show:

Businesses Fail as Trump Gives Cash to Kanye & Scientology

Data has been released about who received large amounts of money from the coronavirus bailout program. Kanye West’s clothing line qualified for up to $5 million, the Church of Scientology also got a forgivable loan, and the libertarian Ayn Rand Institute got a bailout as well. There are plenty of other examples of well-off companies getting cash. This was completely predictable when the program was set up without much oversight. Of course, this is exactly why Trump and Republicans didn’t want oversight.

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