Removing Trump is Only the First Step

The David Pakman Show - July 2, 2020

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Removing Trump Would Only Be the Beginning

Defeating Donald Trump in November will only be the beginning of a long movement towards progressive change in this country. For the last four years, left-wingers have been doing damage control. If Joe Biden is able to defeat Donald Trump, we will finally start to get some power back. It’s not going to happen automatically by removing Trump, but it becomes a possibility. What will be harder is removing Trumpism in America: the xenophobia, the anti-intellectualism, the lying, etc. People used to feel ashamed of these behaviors but in recent years they have become emboldened. That does not instantly go away with Trump leaving the White House.

It is possible that Trumpism gets worse if the President doesn’t get reelected. If Trump claims the election was rigged, we could see his supporters take to the streets with guns to defend him. If there is violence in November, things may have to get worse before they get better. The congressional Republicans who enabled Trump for all these years will also be incredibly hard to change. Removing Trump is step one. But a long battle ensues if indeed that is accomplished.

Caller: Is Biden's Tent Bigger Than Bernie's?

A caller made the argument that Joe Biden’s campaign has a bigger tent than Bernie Sanders’s. This ties into the argument that Bernie Sanders was too far-left to win a general election and that Joe Biden can turn out the right demographics. It remains to be seen if Biden will be effective one-on-one against Trump but winning the Democratic nomination alone speaks to his electability.

From yesterday’s show:

Fauci WARNING: We're Heading To 100,000 Cases Per Day

Dr. Anthony Fauci testified before the Senate and gave an ominous warning. Fauci said he would not be surprised if the United States starts getting 100,000 new confirmed coronavirus cases per day if things don’t turn around. This is more than double the rate of new cases that we are currently experiencing. Unfortunately right-wing nuts like Rand Paul and Dan Patrick aren’t listening to experts like Dr. Fauci anymore.

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