Really Suspicious Contracts & Petulant Child Trump

The David Pakman Show - May 22, 2020

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Trump Gives $354 Million Drug Contract to 4-Month-Old Company

The Trump administration is giving a contract worth anywhere from $354 million to $812 million to a tiny Virginia company that has only been around since January. The company is called “Phlow”and its professed vision is to make the American drug supply chain less reliant on countries.

Why is this company getting such a great deal from the Trump administration? Well, what we know so far is that Trump's wacky economic adviser, Peter Navarro, admitted he bonded with a board member of Phlow. It seems like China skepticism can be very profitable for people associated with this administration. It would not be surprising if in a week we found out there were connections between this company and the Trump family. Of course, the news would barely get any attention.

Petulant Child Trump Won't Unveil Obama Portrait at White House

There has been a tradition for the last 40 years that former presidents will come back to the White House during the next administration and their portrait will be unveiled by the the sitting president. President Trump, who has had a longtime grudge against President Obama and recently accused him of committing crimes, decided he will not invite Obama to the White House for his portrait unveiling.

This is not about breaking with tradition for any noble purpose. Trump just hates Obama. Trump is threatened by Obama. Trump has spent much of his presidency trying to either undo everything Barack Obama did or take credit for the things Obama did that he likes and wants to be praised for. This is a farce. This is about Trump being the ultimate triggerable snowflake while he pretends to be the ultimate alpha male.

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