Mexico Shuts Down Border as Virus Rages & Trump Babbles

The David Pakman Show - July 6, 2020

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Sweaty Trump Glitches, Can Barely Talk at Coronarally

Trump gave two absolutely bonkers speeches over the Fourth of July weekend — I'm hesitant to even call them speeches. They were public events at which Trump occasionally said coherent things.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, Trump showcased an absolutely disgusting combination of red meat, dog whistles, and fear-mongering combined with obvious lies. On July 3rd, Donald Trump did an event at Mount Rushmore where social distancing was not allowed: chairs were zip-tied together so that people could not spread out, and there was barely a mask in sight. And after all of this buildup, this was one of Donald Trump's worst speeches yet. Trump was low energy and so were the people in the crowd.

Trump Gives Historic (Bad) 4th of July "Speech"

Donald Trump’s July 4th speech on the lawn of the White House was absolutely terrifying. Trump took the same ideas from his July 3rd rally (like how he’s fighting Marxists) and built on them in an even more cartoonish and dystopian way. Trump's big message was that the Democrats are agitators, looters, anarchists, and Marxists, and that’s what he is fighting against. Which Marxists is he fighting? Please find me an actual Marxist in the United States with any power whatsoever that Donald Trump is fighting against.

In this “speech,” Trump also floated the ridiculous idea that the only reason the US has so many coronavirus cases is because we have so much testing. In reality, out of more than 200 countries and territories that have cases, the US’s testing per capita is still just twenty-sixth in the world. In coronavirus deaths per capita, the United States is ninth-highest in the world. So the narrative continues to be completely untrue, but Trump’s followers love it and they fall for it every time.

From over the weekend:

Trump Now Panicking About Catching Coronavirus

According to new reports, Trump is now seriously worried about catching the coronavirus. We've seen Trump publicly move on from talking about the virus, but reports from inside the White House say that Trump is more worried than ever about what would happen to his approval rating if he were to catch the virus himself. Publicly, the White House has said that it’s no longer doing temperature checks and requiring masks, but the people around Trump are still being temperature-checked and tested constantly.

–More on the show:

–The Mexican state of Sonora closes its border to the US in Arizona, determining it is too dangerous to allow Americans, possibly carrying coronavirus, to enter their country

–Florida breaks the coronavirus one week case record as Phoenix admits it opened to early

–Donald Trump’s approval collapses in counties where coronavirus is raging

–Joe Biden’s tax plan, despite being written off as centrist by many, would actually be one of the most progressive tax plans ever made policy

–The garbage math we predicted months ago comes full circle in light of last week’s jobs report, including its cheerleading from the Trump administration and Donald Trump himself

—Furious, vile caller suggests David “go back to” Venezuela and that his 14-year-old daughter will “kick” David’s “ass”

–On the Bonus Show: NC protests banned, the dog year to human year ratio revisited, Michael Cohen accused of violating terms of prison release, much more….

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