Martial Law and Destructive Fights

The David Pakman Show - July 27, 2020

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So Umm...Is Trump Instituting Martial Law?

Is Donald Trump instituting martial law in the United States by deploying paramilitaries to cities across the country? Martial law is when normal civil functions and civil law are replaced by military control. Often martial law includes any or all of the following: the military in the streets working as local law enforcement, curfews, the suspension of habeas corpus and normal due process, military law and justice being applied to civilians. Certainly we are seeing some of these tactics but not all of them. We’re also not seeing them to the degree present in military dictatorships around the world.

So do we have literal martial law today in the United States? No, we don't. But Trump has been moving slowly in that direction and now we are seeing a dramatic escalation. We have to keep this in check and vote Trump out in November. He will continue to make unrest by left-wing protesters seem like an urgent issue all while ignoring the real issues the country is facing today. Trump has failed on the coronavirus response, he failed on the George Floyd protests, and now he is taking desperate action by making everyone scared.

Fauci's Family Gets "Serious Threats" as Trump Golfs

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease doctor in the country, has revealed in an interview over the weekend that he and his family have been receiving serious threats as he continues to fight the coronavirus pandemic. It has gotten so bad that Anthony Fauci and his family now have a security detail. Also this weekend, the United States set another single-day record for new coronavirus cases with nearly 78,000.

This is something that should embarrass us as Americans. Anthony Fauci is a nearly 80-year-old doctor who’s worked with Democratic and Republican presidents. His ideology is health and stopping the spread of this pandemic. In the United States, we have such an education and critical thinking crisis, that he is seen by some as the enemy. And the White House is perpetuating hostility towards Fauci by releasing memos to the media about things he got wrong early on during the crisis. I used to think that something as cut-and-dried as a pandemic would bring the country together and help us overcome political division in the country. I was wrong on that.

From over the weekend:

Trump's New "Tone" on Coronavirus is Desperation

A caller asks about Donald Trump’s shift in tone on the coronavirus. The President is back to holding daily press briefings on the topic and saying things like, “it will get worse before it gets better.” The change in rhetoric is perhaps partly due to the change in campaign managers for the Trump team. But primarily, the new tone is coming out of desperation from a Trump that fears losing reelection in November.

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