Laughter Turns to Pity as the Pandemic Continues

The David Pakman Show - May 18, 2020

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Not a Joke: Trump Announces "Super Duper Missile"

President Donald Trump announced an upcoming new “super duper missile.” That is not our term; that's his. Trump said the Pentagon is working on a missile that is “17 times faster than what we have right now.” Where did he get that number from? We don’t know. White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was asked about this, said she doesn't know anything about it and referred reporters to the Pentagon.

The real story for me here is we're spending who knows how much money on new weapons that are marginally better at killing more people more quickly. We still don't have enough coronavirus testing. We still don't have a national contact tracing initiative for the virus. We have people who got $1,200 and the White House and Congress are arguing about whether anybody is going to get anything else. It's the latest disgusting enumeration of our federal government’s misguided priorities.

Eric Trump Proves He's the Dumb(est) One

Over the weekend, Eric Trump made some ridiculous and absolutely irresponsible comments on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Fox News show. The President's least intelligent son said a series of wacky things that were either lies or just wrong.

Eric Trump said that before the virus, the President was regularly filling arenas with 50,000 people for his rallies (which is untrue). More importantly, Eric predicted that after Election Day, the virus will magically go away. He suggested that the entire global pandemic is a hoax to keep Donald Trump from having rallies. The totally deranged conspiracy theory also labels the push towards mail-in voting as a Democratic plot.

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--The world has shifted from laughing at the United States to pitying us as we continue with a completely failed pandemic response from Donald Trump

--The conspiracy theorists are winning, in a sense, in that they are effective enough at preventing consensus on how to handle coronavirus, and are helping to provide Trump some distractions

--A detailed bipartisan plan explains how we could end the pandemic by the 4th of July, with the correct actions

--CNN publishes a very dishonest poll summary claiming that Trump is leading Biden 52-45 across 15 battlground states, with no regard for the state-by-state polling

--There are locked down states like California and New Jersey whose pandemic curves are not dramatically different from those of Texas and Florida, which mostly reopened weeks ago

--"Hang Fauci" signs appear at coronavirus protests as a faction of Americans continue to reject Enlightenment values

--Voicemail caller wants someone to explain Obamagate to him

--On the Bonus Show: Producer Pat's pandemic displacement part 2, David's prepping updates, much more...

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