Is the Future of the Right Authoritarianism?

The David Pakman Show - July 22, 2020

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OOPS: Trump Confirms Press Secretary Lied...Badly

Yesterday, the White House held two press briefings: one by Kayleigh McEnany and one later by Donald Trump. In the first one, McEnany was asked about the President’s unwillingness to wear a mask in public. She defended Trump by arguing that he is tested “multiple times a day,” so he really doesn’t need to wear one. Later on, Trump was asked about the claim and he said it wasn’t true, he gets tested once every few days.

This is an example of the Trumpian hyperbole going horribly wrong. Trump always tries to overcompensate for inadequacies and here it’s being reflected by his press secretary. All along during this crisis, there has been a testing shortage and not enough people willing to wear masks. Trump is not willing to take responsibility for this, so instead he has to project. McEnany saying the President gets tested “multiple times a day” makes the virus seem under control while at the same time excuses his decision not to wear a mask. They got caught in a lie here, but that’s just another day in the Trump White House.

Coronavirus Bursts, Most Deaths in 50 Days

Back in June, when coronavirus cases were beginning to spike again in the United States, there was an idea by some that deaths would not follow. There were theories that the disease would become less dangerous or that doctors would be better equipped to treat it. Unfortunately now, we are starting to see what could be a resurgence of deaths from the virus. Yesterday, July 21st, had the most single-day US coronavirus deaths going back to June 2nd. Over 1,100 people in America died from the virus on Tuesday alone. In addition, hospitals in various hot spots are starting to reach capacity and daily new case totals are regularly passing 60,000.

Most other countries that dealt with the virus early have since largely gotten it under control. Italy and Switzerland are two great examples. Unfortunately, the US’s response was not nearly as effective. We now know that instituting mitigation policies work but the problem is that they take time. Even if everyone in the country began socially distancing and wearing a mask today, still there would be months of agony from existing cases. And there is little appetite for taking the virus seriously in certain parts of the country. I really hope I’m wrong about this, but I fear the US won’t be turning this around anytime soon.

From yesterday’s show:

Doctor: Trump Cognitive Test SUPPOSED to Be Easy

In a Fox News interview over the weekend, Donald Trump bragged about how well he did on a cognitive test. The test he was referring to is the Montreal Cognitive Assessment which is meant to screen for early signs of Alzheimer’s. The test does not determine if someone is smart or has a high level of ability. Trump’s claim that doctors were shocked by how well he did on this test is laughably untrue. In fact, the doctor who created the assessment is now speaking out.

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