Coronavirus Numbness, The Future of the Stock Market

The David Pakman Show - July 7, 2020

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Trump Defends Confederate Flag, Tweets Racism, WON'T STOP Lying

Donald Trump cannot stop spreading lies and tweeting racist thoughts. He has doubled down on fighting a culture war that he cannot win, and his approval rating is down to 38% because of it. On Twitter recently, Trump asked for Bubba Wallace to apologize to NASCAR drivers over the garage noose incident, which Trump called a “hoax.” He also defended the Washington Redskins’ and Cleveland Indians’ team names, while saying “Indians like Elizabeth Warren must be very angry right now.”

Donald Trump has staked out his path for reelection, banking on racism and lies to win him a second term. The problem is that there are really serious issues facing the country: a once-in-a-century pandemic, unemployment at its highest level in generations, protests over police brutality and systemic racism, and much more. If Trump continues to play this game through the end of the election season, it’s likely not going to work to his advantage.

Fox News "Mistakenly" Removes Trump from Epstein Picture

After the recent arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime girlfriend, Fox News ran a picture of the pair standing with Melania Trump. However, the network conveniently cropped out Donald Trump from the picture, even though he was standing right beside them. Trump, of course, was friends with Epstein and the two had been seen at parties together over the years. People were rightfully upset by Fox’s misleading tactic and Fox responded to the backlash by saying they “mistakenly eliminated” Trump from the photo and they “regret the error.”

A journalistic choice like this raises more questions than it answers. If you’re Fox News, why even use this photo to begin with? Is Fox trying to portray Trump more positively by cropping him out? Is Trump being protected by Fox News? Is this an intimidation signal from Fox News? We don't really know. But what is important to remember is that these were people, Trump and Epstein, who were around each other frequently.

From yesterday’s show:

Mexico Closes Border, Too Dangerous To Let Americans In

Mexico has been dealing with its share of problems related to the coronavirus and the country is taking action to prevent a wave of new cases. The Mexican state of Sonora has announced that Americans will temporarily not be allowed to cross the border from Arizona. Arizona is one of the red states that have been hit particularly hard by the virus in recent weeks. For years, Trump and Republicans have been trying to keep Mexicans out of the United States. Now people in foreign countries are trying their best to avoid the US and banning Americans from traveling there.

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--Massachusetts Republican Governor Charlie Baker signs universal vote-by-mail into law, allowing every Massachusetts resident to vote by mail in this year's primaries and general election in November

--Despite Donald Trump's claims that Joe Biden would be terrible for the stock market, historical and modern evidence suggest a Biden presidency would be good for the stock market

--Donald Trump and his administration are hoping that the public will simply become numb to high coronavirus case numbers and a growing death toll

--Donald Trump's Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is twisted into a pretzel on the topic of Trump's opinion of the confederate flag

--Voicemail caller blows the door wide open on the Tulsa / Tulsi scandal

--On the Bonus Show: Woman charged for calling police on black bird watcher, Ghislaine Maxwell considered "extreme flight risk," Kanye West insists he is running for President, much more...

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