Coronavirus Numbers Hard to Believe as Polling Collapses

The David Pakman Show - July 28, 2020

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SHOCK: Trump Admin Faking Coronavirus Numbers?

I have to start today with a potentially major scandal, which is the growing possibility that the Trump administration is now lying about coronavirus case numbers. The number of cases appears to have flattened in the United States since the exact day on which hospitals were told not to send data to CDC but to Alex Azar, who runs Health and Human Services. At the exact same time the data reporting change happened, July 15th and 16th, cases started to level off. Even more stunningly, a complete reversal in case trends took place in the states that Trump won in 2016.

From everything we know, it takes weeks, if not months, to turn these trend lines around. Red states are being less cautious when it comes to social distancing policies and masks. Even if they were, the change in approach would have to have happened weeks before to see the effect starting by July 16th. It’s not a totally open-and-shut case but the entire thing wreaks of corruption and needs to be called out. We predicted this would happen when the Trump administration made the policy change, and now it has.

Trump Divorced From Reality at Sweaty Press Event

Donald Trump flew to North Carolina for a press event yesterday. Trump was asked about the fact, and it is a fact, that he's behind in the polls nationally and in swing states. Trump just responded by saying he’s winning everywhere and that his poll numbers are “very good.” Trump refuses to accept that he’s currently losing to Biden by a wide margin. Instead of discussing the polls, he talks about bikers and boaters in Florida who support him. It is unclear whether Trump really does think he’s winning, because of the propaganda fed to him by advisers, or if he just doesn’t want to look weak and admit he’s behind.

My question is, isn’t this a bad strategy for Trump? If his supporters think that Trump is going to get reelected, they’ll be less enthusiastic about going out to the polls. Trump assuring people everything is fine is not going to create the sense of urgency necessary to drive turnout in November. I’m not offering advice here, just thinking out loud.

From yesterday’s show:

Stop the Irrelevant, Self-Destructive Fights

It is imperative for the left to pick its battles wisely at this critical moment in American history. The left loves to debate among itself about issues like health care, taxes, cancel culture, etc. And that’s great. But the infighting is not going to help us in the context of Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump. We don’t lose anything by postponing these disagreements for three months. If Democrats can take back the White House and the Senate, the left will have more power than it has had in this country in a decade. Then will be the time for these debates. Let’s get to Election Day first.

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