Coronavirus is Now a Culture War, Which We're Losing

The David Pakman Show - May 26, 2020

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Trump Golfs as Coronavirus Death Count Hits 100,000

Donald Trump went golfing this weekend as coronavirus deaths in America were well on their way to surpassing 100,000. As almost always with Trump, there's the aspect of incredible double standards and hypocrisy. Trump attacked former President Obama for golfing all the time. As it turns out, Obama spent far less time than Trump playing golf and he never dealt with a crisis of this magnitude. Obama was a much harder worker than Trump, who spends much of his time rage tweeting and watching Fox News.

To me, this is not really about Trump playing golf. This is about Trump's failures. This is about Trump's hypocrisy and his lethal incompetence. Trump ran on being a hard worker, saying he would rarely ever leave the White House if he became President. But he's golfed more than anybody. So the problem really isn’t Trump playing golf too much. It's the hypocrisy and the degree to which Trump's incompetence and laziness put us all at risk.

Trump Visibly Struggling to Stand at Memorial Day Event

Donald Trump was at a wreath-laying ceremony for a Memorial Day event and appeared to have trouble maintaining his balance. Looking at the videos, it does seem like Trump is unable to stand up straight. His whole upper torso is rocking forward and backward as he's in a salute position. At moments it seems like he’s going to fall over, but presumably his balance system realizes it and compensates by pulling him back.

This could be something or it could be nothing. These inner ear balance issues can be related to all sorts of different conditions. Trouble balancing when standing or walking can suggest an increased potential to develop Alzheimer's or other types of dementia. Balance issues can also be related to the side effects of medication. Something is definitely up with Trump. I don't know if the video from yesterday is part of it or if it's something new or if it's nothing, but people need to know if there’s something that's impacting Trump's cognition because he's the President of the United States.

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--Donald Trump claims he will "force" state Governors to deem houses of worship "essential," or he will "override" Governors

--50% of Fox News viewers believe Bill Gates is planning to use the coronavirus pandemic to microchip people through vaccination

--A devastating new Fox News poll has Donald Trump 8 points behind Joe Biden nationally, and losing badly within some key groups

--Donald Trump baselessly accused MSNBC host Joe Scarborough of murder

--Voicemail caller says that removing Donald Trump in 2020 could come down to achieving widespread vote-by-mail

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