Authoritarian Nightmare Grows, So Does Coronavirus

The David Pakman Show - July 23, 2020

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Trump Explains His Cognitive Test, Gets Bad Quickly

Donald Trump cannot stop bragging about how well he supposedly did on a cognitive exam. Trump went back on Fox News this week and expanded on the topic of his cognitive abilities versus Biden’s. This time, Trump went more in detail about the questions but still managed to lie and look foolish. He spoke about how the test had him listen to five words and then recall them later. Though not incredibly difficult, Trump thought it was a major triumph that he was able to do it. The President insisted that there are even harder parts of the test (there really aren’t).

Does anybody understand how insane Trump sounds for bragging about this? This test is meant to screen for cognitive decline, it does not measure intelligence or ability. Trump sounds like a child seeking recognition for how well he did on it. If anything, this fiasco has raised more questions about whether Trump has even taken the test and if he is actually suffering from cognitive decline.

Joe Rogan Explains Systemic Racism to Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro went on Joe Rogan’s show and had a conversation about systemic racism in America. During the interview, Shapiro made some important concessions about the topic while trying to hide them in the usual cloud of right-wing arguments. Rogan’s probing forced Shapiro to extrapolate on those concessions and the result was a very fruitful conversation. Ultimately, Shapiro did not come across as the most enlightened on the subject.

Ben Shapiro’s position is that since the rules of society today are fair across racial lines, inequalities of outcome are a result purely of individual decisions. Shapiro seems to think society’s job is done because the rules have been changed to apply equally. This ignores how our country’s historical decisions have shaped where we are today. It would be like letting someone join a game of Monopoly half-way through when the other players have already had time to collect money and buy property. Sure the rules are fair now, but is the game fair? Certainly not.

From yesterday’s show:

The Future of the American Right

Before the era of Trump, I identified three wings of the Republican Party: There were the business-type Republicans like Mitt Romney. There were the religious-right folks like Rick Santorum. And then there were the libertarian tea party types like Rand Paul. Now there is a fourth wing and it’s really the Trumpist wing. They are mostly people without a core ideology who just love Trump. What happens to this piece of the Republican Party when Trump leaves office in 2021 or 2025?

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